Payment Information

Q: What Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.


What is it?

Real-time payments through the website.

What does it cost me?

Nothing extra.

How does it work?

Your credit card details are entered into a secure page on the website and submitted directly and securely via ANZ Bank's Secure Gateway system. If your credit card is approved we are notified and we continue to process your purchase.

Q: Is your site secure for Credit Card purchases?

Yes. We at Pasta Classica have gone to great lengths to offer our customers the safest online shopping around. Your payment/check out is processed by ANZ Bank's Secure Gateway. We do not handle your credit card information in this process allowing a highly secure transaction sequence.

Online Security

  • We do not store your credit card details on our systems or hard-copy records
  • Your credit card information does not pass through our server or infrastructure
  • We only use third-parties that satisfy our stringent security standards (such as ANZ Bank's Secure Gateway)

Q: Why was my Credit Card declined?

Your credit card may have been declined due to the following reasons:

  1. Insufficient cleared funds in your bank/credit card account
  2. Your card has expired
  3. Incorrect CVN (Card Verification Number), preventing transaction completion . The CVN is often also referred to as CSC number, CVV number, CW2, CVC2 or CID number.
  4. We DO NOT accept Diners cards and American Express cards
  5. You are typing your credit card number with spaces. If you try entering your credit card number as a single number, without any spaces, you shouldn't have any further problems.

Should you be experiencing problems with your Credit Card payment, we recommend that you phone us between 10am and 5pm AEST at (03) 9419 2366 Mon-Fri and we will process your order manually.

Q: What is a Credit Card CVN?

Your CVN is your Card Verification Number, which is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back or the front of your credit card. As you may have noticed, we request the CVN on your credit card during our Secure Checkout process, for your protection. The CVN is an authentication scheme to help prevent fraud. Therefore, if your credit card number is provided with an incorrect CVN, the transaction will not be approved.

If you have a Visa or Mastercard the CVN is located on the back of your card and it is 3 digits. The CVN is often also referred to as CSC number, CVV number, CW2, CVC2 or CID number.

Q: On my checkout screen there is a field for a Promotion Code. What is this and how do I get one?

From time to time we run certain promotions where we give out coupons. These may be for promotions like free shipping or a discount on your order. In order to be notified of these special promotions and other great offers please visit our website regularly.

Q: How long does it take to confirm my payment?

Most credit card payments will be confirmed instantly.

It is our policy not to ship any items until payment is confirmed.

In very rare circumstances our bank may ask us to get further verification on Credit Card payments from you. This will take the form of a refund to your Credit Card statement which we will require you to confirm back to us. This process is designed to prevent the unauthorized use of your Credit Card. This usually only takes a day to come through and then we will ensure your order is pushed to the front of the picking queue so that you do not encounter delays as a result of this verification process.